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We wanted to create something truly unique that no one else in the industry was doing.  After working with some great partners, our customers can now create their own bottle under Bettor Spirits. The liquor industry has typically reserved custom labeling for large accounts that were willing to buy a minimum of 1,000 bottles to 100,000 bottles.   This obviously wasn’t for the everyday consumer and even then, you probably couldn’t put your logo on the bottle or anything unique, nothing political or funny.  So, we decided to something different and let our customers create their own customizable poker chip bottle.  With a minimum order so small you can buy 6-large bottles, or 24-mini bottles shipped directly to your house.


The question now is, why would you buy theirs when you can create something Bettor!


Don’t forget to tell your friends!

Once you drink the bottle, you can reuse it.  We hated seeing everyone just throw all the bottles in the trash, so we made our bottle to have a second life.  



Make it into a fish tank – see Chip in our very first bottle we ever made.  









Mark, President

Callie, Operations

Marc, The Muscle

Rene, Custom Chip Designer

Ryan, Graphics

Joe Clark, Finance

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